An owl is recovering after being found entangled in kite string, leaving it with a droopy wing. 

A member of Waterfowl Rescue Service spotted the owl high in some trees in Much Hadham, in Hertfordshire. 

The rescuers cut the string and took the owl to Suffolk Owl Sanctuary in Stonham Aspal for more help. 

It comes after a sparrowhawk trapped in an Ipswich warehouse was saved by the charity.

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A spokesman for the sanctuary said: "A very lucky tawny owl was brought into us yesterday (March 14). 

"Upon arrival, the team noticed that one wing was a bit droopy, but following an x-ray at the local vets, no breaks were found.

"We suspect it's probably sustained soft tissue damage from struggling to get free of the string."

The owl is on pain relief and recovering at the Raptor Hospital a facility that offers treatment and recuperation of injured, traumatised or malnourished birds of prey. 

Once the birds have recovered and fit to fly again, they are released back into the wild and their natural habitats. 

Earlier this week, the RSPCA released it has received almost 13,000 reports of animals found severely injured, trapped, mutilated, choked or even dead due to litter in the last four years. 

Of those 13,000 reports in the last four years, 213 were in Suffolk.

The vast majority of injuries reported to the charity related to everyday items such as drinks cans and plastic items.

As well as everyday rubbish, the RSPCA said around 40 per cent of all litter-related calls last year were about animals that had specifically become caught in fishing litter.