A senior manager at Mid Suffolk and Babergh district councils was dismissed for unprofessional conduct and private use of council equipment, it has been revealed.

The incident is detailed in the councils’ annual “Managing the risk of Fraud and Corruption” report.

The employee, whose identity is unknown, was dismissed and the councils’ operational working practices reviewed following an investigation.

The report states: "Allegation received questioning unprofessional conduct and private use of council equipment by a senior manager resulting in a member of staff being dismissed and a review of operational working practices."

East Anglian Daily Times:

Speaking on the fraud and corruption report as a whole, Babergh District Council acting leader Councillor John Ward said: “We have a duty to tackle fraud and corruption – and to ensure that we also hold ourselves up to the highest possible standards.”

East Anglian Daily Times:

Mid Suffolk District Council leader councillor Andy Mellen said: “It’s important that our residents and communities can trust us, not only as the custodians of public funds, but also as individuals who feel passionately about protecting our districts and the quality of services that we provide.”

The councils said they were unable to comment as details of disciplinary action involving individual employees must remain confidential.

The full fraud and corruption report, including details of a man who pretended to have terminal cancer to gain a larger council house, will be discussed at the councils’ Joint Audit and Standards Committee on Monday March 25.