A plan for five new homes in Sudbury has been recommended for refusal by the town council, which raised concerns including overdevelopment and congestion.

The one-bedroom terraced homes are planned for part of the garden of 12 Clarence Road, which sits on the corner of Stanley Road.

The homes would have one parking space each, as well as a grass and patio space to the back. 

Now, Sudbury Town Council has recommended the plans are refused and raised several concerns including the overdevelopment of the site, lack of amenity space for the residents and road congestion that they described as "already severe". 

They also voiced worries that surface water drainage had not been addressed, the lack of side or rear elevation drawings and the lack of evidence of biodiversity net gain. 

The council wrote: "Members welcome proposals for one-bedroom properties as there was a clear need, but stressed that this need did not outweigh the problems with this site." 

Since Babergh District Council received the plans on February 28, 29 comments of objection have been submitted by neighbours and residents. 

One Clarence Road resident wrote: "Vehicles currently park too close to the junctions causing hazards for pedestrians.

"I am particularly concerned about the safety of school children using our footpaths and having to navigate increasingly dangerous roads."

A Stanley Road resident said: "Due to the location of the local school Stanley Road has, every morning and afternoon, an abundance of traffic which already makes the safety of the current parking quite dangerous.

"I can confirm this as I have already had 2 wing mirrors removed by parents rushing to do the school drop off on time."

A planning document reads: "The proposed houses are located set back from the existing house to limit overlooking to/from the existing house and the neighbouring house along Clarence Road." 

It continues: "The numbers and types of homes make best contribution to housing supply by providing one bedroom homes most in demand, which complement the local mix."