A snake whose natural habitat is more than four thousand miles away was spotted hiding in a Suffolk garden.

Lewis Marshall found the baby snake in his garden in Needham Market and at first believed it was a grass snake or adder. 

"I saw it in the garden, it was very small – only around 12 inches long," he said.

However, it was confirmed soon after that it was a corn snake, a species that is not native to the UK. 

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Corn snakes are mostly found inhabiting woods and rocky areas in the eastern United States although sightings have been recorded on several Caribbean islands. 

The snakes are usually orange or brown in colour with red marking down their backs but hatchlings lack the bright colours seen in adults.

A spokesman for Suffolk Wildlife Trust said: "It will almost certainly be an escaped pet.

"There are only three species of snake native to the UK: grass snakes, adders and smooth snakes."

The corn snake found by Mr Marshall has been taken into care until the owner is found.