A sweet stall kicked off as part of a health food rebranding exercise has been reinstated to a Suffolk market in the wake of public pressure.

However, Saxmundham Town Council has said the situation with the struggling weekly Wednesday market in Fromus Square would be kept under review and could not rule out making changes in the future.

But for now, Kevin Hilliard's 'Sweets Pick "n" Mix' stand can return to the town's market following a U-turn by councillors at a meeting on Monday.

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The original decision to ask him to leave in March prompted an outcry, with 1,587 people signing a change.org petition calling for the stall to be reinstated.

The move was part of a rebrand of the market as 'Fresh Fare at Fromus Square' with a focus on providing fresh food after the council took inspiration from the Framlingham market where fresh meats, bread and fish have proved popular.

Of the council's U-turn, Mr Hilliard said: "I am relieved that the decision has been overturned, but I am still a bit dubious about the long-term. I would like to thank everyone for their support through this."

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East Anglian Daily Times: Kevin Hilliard, who runs the Sweets Pick n Mix stall at Saxmundham marketKevin Hilliard, who runs the Sweets Pick n Mix stall at Saxmundham market (Image: Submitted)Town clerk Sharon Smith said: "The councillors have listened to the community and changed their minds."

The market had initially been moved from Market Square to Fromus Square in a bid to revive fortunes, but this had not been successful, so the decision was taken to rebrand, although the clerk said this plan had now been ditched, at least temporarily.

Other measures to help the market - which the council said was on the brink of closure - included waiving stall fees.

The town clerk added: "They have just decided to let Kevin stay and they might make a decision about doing something else or going back to rebranding it."

A monthly Saturday market run in the town has proved more popular.

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