Children's play equipment has been removed from a Suffolk village, sparking concerns that the area is running out of play facilities.

East Suffolk Council has posted on social media site Facebook that the swings and slides in Pine Close, Rendlesham, had reached 'the end of their working life' and needed to be removed for safety reasons.

However, concerned villagers said the loss of the equipment meant there were fewer such facilities in the area, with only the parish council-owned Jubilee Park still available.

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One Facebook poster said: "When I first moved into the village (many moons ago) there were so many playgrounds we were spoilt for choice.

"Roundabouts, swings, seesaws and slides all dotted around the various housing estates.

"Gradually these have disappeared over the years and now it seems there is just going to be the one at Jubilee Park. This is so sad for the young families living in the village."

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An East Suffolk Council spokesperson said: “The play equipment at Pine Close in Rendlesham has come to the end of its life and will now be removed for safety reasons.

"The equipment is situated on land which is not owned by East Suffolk Council or Rendlesham Parish Council.

“We apologise for any disappointment this may cause. We are discussing longer term solutions for play equipment in the village with the parish council and hope to have a solution soon.

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“The Jubilee Park play area, which is owned by the parish council, remains open.”

Villagers have also called for Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funding to be used to provide new play equipment or other sources of money to be found, fearing children would be discouraged from going outdoors, which would benefit their health.

The CIL is a charge levied by local authorities on new developers to help pay for infrastructure improvements.

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