A Suffolk villager has described the 'big impact' a nearby poultry farm is having on residents' lives amid concerns that homes are being invaded by flies associated with the facility.

Alasdair Cameron, of Cox Common, Westhall said there had been problems with noise and 'millions' of flies getting into properties ever since the breeder farm, operated by chicken producer Crown Chicken, opened in 2022.

However, earlier this week, the EADT reported how an investigation by East Suffolk Council had not found any fly infestations internally or externally at the farm.

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But Mr Cameron said there used to only be a few flies during the summer months, but now his home was inundated with the insects, which led to him having to sleep under a mosquito net.

He said: "I would put up a fly paper in June and that would stay until the end of the summer and there would be 50 or so flies on it.

"Now, I would hang a fly paper and before I even got it out the pack there were flies sticking to it and I could go through one fly paper a day."

East Anglian Daily Times: Food firm Cranswick's Eye HQFood firm Cranswick's Eye HQ (Image: Sarah Chambers)Mr Cameron said there used to be a chicken farm at the site, but it was much smaller and was eventually shut down and demolished to be replaced by the current facility, which is leased to Crown Chicken by E C Drummond, a subsidiary of food firm Cranswick.

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He added as well as flies, there had also been problems with noise from extractor fans, but these had become quieter after residents complained.

"It is having quite a big impact on our lives," Mr Cameron added.

Earlier this week, an East Suffolk Council spokesperson said: “Our environmental protection team has been working with the owners of the unit to establish that all appropriate action is taken to ensure it is not the source of flies in the area.

“We arranged for an independent entomologist to visit the site in August 2023 and found no sign of active infestations of flies internally or externally at the premises.

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"The site was found to be internally very well managed with very effective insect management and bio security arrangements.

“Over the winter months, engineering works were carried out to the air handling plant to reduce noise from the fans that serve the units.

"Subsequent noise monitoring demonstrated that the works were successful in significantly reducing the noise and we have not received any subsequent complaints.”

A Cranswick spokesperson said: "The council have evaluated the situation and have confirmed there is no direct link between the report of flies in the area and the development at the site."