Two men from Sudbury could not board their flight as power cuts at London Stansted Airport caused disruption. 

The Essex airport, run by Manchester Airports Group, experienced power outages in the early hours of Monday which affected its check-in, security and baggage systems. 

Neil Temlett arrived at the airport with his friend at 4.30am to board their 6.35am Ryanair flight to the Greek island of Rhodes. 

However, while they could get through security and check-in, they were denied entry onto the flight due to the power cut. 

They were asked to wait for hours, after which their flight was eventually cancelled. 

Mr Temlett said: "We tried to rebook ourselves but eventually gave up, thinking we will plan our trip again when we feel better about this."

However, Mr Temlett emphasised that Ryanair had offered them compensation for their trip and that staff at the airport were working tirelessly to help them be rebooked onto another flight. 

East Anglian Daily Times: Ryanair has offered passengers compensationRyanair has offered passengers compensation (Image: PA)

Power was restored at London Stansted Airport at 10.15am, however, the airport claimed it was taking "slightly longer than usual for passengers to pass through the terminal while systems recover".

Beverly Kench, another air passenger from Felixstowe, likened the scenes to a chaotic market. 

She said: "Some people are screaming over check-in counters, some children are crying, and there are huge piles of suitcases everywhere. 

"It just seems completely unorganised."

Ms Kench was meant to be on a 9am EasyJet flight to Lyon in France, however, she could not check in initially. 

Once the power was restored, she said the staff with the airline worked hard and got her rebooked onto another flight.

A spokesperson from London Stansted Airport said: "Flights are operating as normal, but passengers are advised to allow plenty of time for their travel and check with their airline for the most up-to-date flight information.

"We apologise to passengers for the inconvenience and disruption to the journeys today."