A man who campaigned for more defibrillators to be put in place in Sudbury has spoken about his sadness after one has been reported stolen. 

The life-saving piece of equipment that was kept on the wall of Sudbury Town Hall was reported stolen on Sunday, April 26. 

Andy Read, from the town, received four shocks of a defibrillator when he suffered a cardiac arrest back in August 2018.

Mr Read said he was "incredibly sad" to hear about the vital piece of equipment being taken. 

He added: "It's incredibly sad that a publicly accessible defibrillator that will save a life has been stolen.

East Anglian Daily Times: Andy Read from SudburyAndy Read from Sudbury (Image: Sarah Lucy Brown)

"These things actually are the difference between life and death. 

"I just hope that it is being used for good because it now isn't helping anyone in the centre of the town.

"It is something we all hoped we would never see in a town with a community spirit as strong as it is."

Since suffering a cardiac arrest, Mr Read has campaigned for more defibrillators to be made accessible in the town.

East Anglian Daily Times: Sudbury Town HallSudbury Town Hall (Image: Newsquest)

In 2021 he set himself a target of getting 21 of the machines in Sudbury, and there are now 27.

Mayor of Sudbury Jan Osborne described the theft as "dreadful". 

She said: "A lot of time and money goes into getting this equipment in various places throughout the town. 

East Anglian Daily Times: Jan Osborne, Sudbury town mayorJan Osborne, Sudbury town mayor (Image: Sudbury Town Council)

"It is in such a prime location to help people who may suddenly suffer a heart attack. 

"It is really sad that somebody has decided to steal it as you never know when it is going to be needed.

"It's so sad that people find themselves reduced to steal this equipment. It's dreadful."

A new defibrillator can cost up to £1,500.

However, Mr Read said that it is expected to cost in the region of £750 to replace the equipment taken from the town hall.