The Jailbreak fundraising event for Ipswich's St Elizabeth Hospice has succeeded in raising a sum of more than £15,000.

With the support of Suffolk police, the independent charity held the unconventional fundraiser on Thursday, April 25.

Local moguls and community leaders were 'arrested' in a humorous venture, involving various 'criminal offences'.

The theatrical set-up appealed to many with supporters making donations to raise the 'bails' for the fictitious offenders.

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Liz Baldwin, corporate and sponsorship fundraising manager at St Elizabeth Hospice, said: “Well done to all our Jailbreak participants for raising such a brilliant amount of money for the hospice and a big thank you to everybody who donated and helped raise their bails.

“A special ‘thank you’ goes to Suffolk Constabulary for their support of Jailbreak and allowing us to use their police van and have officers attend on the day as well.”

Catherine Vickery, director at MacKenzie-King, said: “I had the privilege of participating in the St Elizabeth Hospice Jailbreak 2024, an organisation that holds a special place in my heart for their incredible care for my father before he passed 18 months ago.

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“Though I anticipated being ‘arrested’, the actual experience of being escorted into a police van, undergoing processing, and having my fingerprints taken was great fun.”

Jenna Ackerley, managing director at Events Under Canvas Ltd, joined in the fundraiser too.

Ms Ackerley said: "I was blown away by the swift support from my friends, family and networks and managed to drum up £1,400 bail money in one morning from the clink."

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The Jailbreak followed with a subsequent event, hosted for the charity's young adult service, Zest, on April 26.

The Zest fundraiser managed to raise more than £900 for the service.

For further understanding of St Elizabeth Hospice or participation in Jailbreak 2025, the hospice can be contacted at 01473 727776 or via email