A person walking along an east Suffolk beach found a very cute surprise this week.

A large older seal was spotted lying on the sand at Southwold beach, near the harbour, on Monday morning. 

Jane Freeman, who discovered the seal, said she watched the animal from a distance and called Marine Life Rescue in case it was in distress.

East Anglian Daily Times:

A crew from British Divers Marine Life Rescue attended the scene to check the seal's condition and said it safely entered back into the water later in the day.

The large older male is believed to have been spotted relaxing in different locations across Southwold at various times this week.

A spokesperson for British Divers Marine Life Rescue said seals often come onto beaches to relax and recover from strenuous activity. 

The organisation also advised that anyone who finds a seal should not approach it and should get in touch immediately if the animal appears to be in a form of distress.