Great show weather and a combination of old and new attractions helped to attract tens of thousands of visitors to the start of the Suffolk Show.

Show director John Taylor was delighted as he surveyed the thousands of visitors who were pouring through the gates.

"I can't believe how well it's gone. The people just keep on coming in. It is really great to see."

East Anglian Daily Times: John Taylor with his wife Julia at the Suffolk Show.John Taylor with his wife Julia at the Suffolk Show. (Image: Charlotte Bond)

The slightly cool, grey start to the day didn't put many off the event - and by 9am the turnstiles were very busy.

"We had a couple of sharp showers but no one seems bothered by them and they've just got on with their day out," Mr Taylor added.

This is his second show as director - next year will be his final one - and he was delighted by the innovations that he has been able to introduce.

East Anglian Daily Times: The Normandy 80 display at the Suffolk Show.The Normandy 80 display at the Suffolk Show. (Image: Paul Geater)

One is the Normandy 80 display that marks the 80th anniversary of D-Day next month.

His family has a collection of old military vehicles and he has contacts that allowed him to bring them together for the event

The centre piece is a Spitfire like those which supported the troops on the beaches of northern France in 1944,

Mr Taylor said: "This is the display that is nearest the time of the anniversary and I am delighted we have brought so much together for it.

"Everyone we talked to was delighted to take part and have dropped everything to come here. To see it all come together was great."

Another theme that runs through the show is the Olympics - and Mr Taylor was delighted that so many people had got involved in that, especially in the flower show exhibitions.

East Anglian Daily Times: Deputy Show Director Brian Barker, Show President Rt Rev Martin Seeley and Show Director John Taylor.Deputy Show Director Brian Barker, Show President Rt Rev Martin Seeley and Show Director John Taylor. (Image: Charlotte Bond)

This year's Suffolk Show President is the Bishop of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich Rt Rev Martin Seeley and Mr Taylor had been delighted to work with him to make it more accessible - especially to those people who don't usually come.

He said 22 schools had been sent wood from pallets that they had used to create gardens with an Olympic theme: "Those children will be wanting to come here with their families during the school half term."

Mr Taylor is particularly keen to attract more people from Ipswich to visit the show - it is on the outskirts of the town and he felt it had much to offer.

"We have trade stands here that love coming to the Suffolk Show because it gives them a great opportunity to meet their customers.

"They do much of their business online so they never actually get to meet their customers in the flesh but they do here.

"The demand for tradestands continues to grow - we are completely full and we had two become vacant on Monday but they were filled the next day."

The range of attractions was huge - and very important for its success.

The agricultural side is the bedrock of its success - but other attractions are also important.

East Anglian Daily Times: The Bolddog FMX team in action at the Suffolk Show.The Bolddog FMX team in action at the Suffolk Show. (Image: Charlotte Bond)

Mr Taylor said: "People love what we have in the main ring - the children in particular enjoy things like the stunt motorcycles.

"The parachute displays are a great attraction and of course the Grand Parade.

"On Thursday this will include some of the Normandy 80 vehicles and that will be a great highlight."

After a hugely successful first day, Mr Taylor is preparing for an equally busy Thursday with a visit by The Duke of Gloucester.

There may be more need for a raincoat on Thursday - but the ground drains well and a few showers never put anyone off a day at the Suffolk Show!