A bridge in a Suffolk town has had a further delay to its reopening date after residents protested about its closure earlier this year.

Suffolk County Council closed White Bridge in Halesworth at Millennium Green in early March due to it being unsafe but there have now been further delays to its reopening.

The council initially said that the work would be finished by "mid-2024" and that "the replacement of the bridge is a complex process involving a number of steps that have to be taken in a logical order."

The council have now confirmed that the works will not be completed until September this year. 

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East Anglian Daily Times: The fence blocks people from accessing the bridge which connects the Folly and Millennium GreenThe fence blocks people from accessing the bridge which connects the Folly and Millennium Green (Image: Denise Bradley)

More than 60 people were seen protesting outside the bridge in March, some holding placards and banners against the "monstrous" and "eyesore" fence and the closing of the bridge.

Halesworth Millennium Green said: "We were originally told May 2024, then summer 2024, now September 2024. We are very concerned about this change of timetable."

A spokesperson for the Trustees of Halesworth Millennium Green also said: "We are feeling very frustrated - we all face yet another period possibly into 2025 of not being able to cross between the two halves of the Green.

"We are deeply disappointed and disillusioned. The Green's volunteers are increasingly stressed by trying to deliver access and management within a divided property and now face another summer of extremely difficult work."

We have approached the council for comment and are waiting to hear back.