Nigel Farage has been covered in a drink while making his first appearance in Clacton, one day after announcing his bid to become the town's MP.

The newly appointed leader of Reform UK was leaving the Moon and Starfish pub when a woman dressed in a white hoodie appeared and threw the drink over the 60-year-old. 

Mr Farage's suit was covered in liquid, which is believed to be banana milkshake, as he made his way to his campaign bus.

Addressing hundreds of supporters at a rally in Clacton-on-Sea after announcing he would stand for election there, Mr Farage said the Tories should “pay a big price” for betraying the promises of Brexit.

Mr Farage on Monday U-turned on his previous suggestion he would not stand in this General Election, opting to fight in Clacton and being installed as Reform leader in place of Richard Tice.

During the rally, Mr Farage hit out at the Tories over the handling of Brexit: “We made an offer to the British people, we could get back our independence and control of our borders.

“But what has happened? The Conservatives have betrayed that trust. They’ve opened up the borders to mass immigration like we’ve never seen before.

“And they deserve to pay a price for that, a big price for that.”