Nominations closed for candidates for this year's general election on Friday afternoon and in Suffolk all eight constituencies will be contested by the five main parties.

In some constituencies there are more - in both Bury St Edmunds and the West Suffolk seat there is a choice of eight candidates standing.

Four members of the previous House of Commons from Suffolk are hoping to return and there will be at least four new members from the county.

In 2019 all seats in Suffolk were won by the Conservatives - but if opinion polls are to be believed that might not be the case this year.

Bury St Edmunds and Stowmarket:

Will Tanner (C), Peter Prinsley (L), Peter McDonald (LD), Emma Buckmaster (G), Scott Hussey (RUK), Darren Turner (Comm), Richard Baker-Howard (REU), Jeremy Lee (I).

Central Suffolk and North Ipswich:

Patrick Spencer (C), Kevin Craig (L), Brett Mickelburgh (LD), Daniel Pratt (G), Tony Gould (RUK), Charlie Caiger (I), Mike Hallett (I).


Tom Hunt*(C), Jack Abbott (L), James Sandbach (LD), Adria Pittock (G), Tony Love(RUK), Freddie Sofar (Comm), Terence Charles (HP).


Peter Aldous*(C), Jessica Asato (L), Adam Robertson (LD), Toby Hammond (G), June Mummery (RUK)

South Suffolk:

James Cartlidge*(C), Emma Bishton (L), Tom Bartleet (LD), Jessie Carter (G), Beverley England (RUK).

Suffolk Coastal:

Therese Coffey*(C), Jenny Riddell-Carpenter (L), Julia Ewart (LD), Julian Cusack (G), Matthew Jackson (RUK).

Waveney Valley:

Richard Rout (C), Gurpreet Padda (L), John Shreeve (LD), Adrian Ramsay (G), Scott Huggins (RUK), Maya Severyn (SDP).

West Suffolk:

Nick Timothy (C), Rebecca Denness (L), Henry Batchelor (LD), Mark Ereira (G), David Bull (RUK), Ivan Kinsman (SDP), Luke O'Brien (I), Katie Parker (I).


C - Conservative

L- Labour

LD - Liberal Democrat

G - Green

RUK - Reform UK

Comm - Communist

SDP - Social Democrat Party

HP - Heritage Party 

REU - Rejoin EU

I - Independent

* Indicates a member of the previous House of Commons.