Residents of villages across Suffolk came together to remember those that fought on D-Day on its 80th anniversary.  

Thursday, June 6, marked 80 years since the Allied invasion of Normandy in the Second World War and there were several events to commemorate the local heroes involved. 

Residents of Earl Stonham came together to light a beacon on the village green to remember the veterans of the war. 

20 other parishes joined in to lighting thier beacon on Thursday20 other parishes joined in lighting their beacon on Thursday (Image: Martin Brenig-Jones)

They said the flames represented the "Light of Peace" that emerged from the darkness of war.

After the beacon was lit, residents were able to enjoy food and drinks presented to them by the parish council.

Earl Stonham was joined by 20 other parishes across Suffolk to light beacons on Thursday.

Beacon being lit at SizewellBeacon being lit at Sizewell (Image: John Heald)

Over 500 people joined the event at SizewellOver 500 people joined the event at Sizewell (Image: John Heald)

In Sizewell, more than 500 people led by Leiston-cum-Sizewell Town Council participated in an evening of activities after lighting their own beacon.

The Army and Royal Airforce Cadets were present at the event representing the town and the Royal British Legion Band Leiston played war tunes to kick off the evening.

Mayor and councillor Lesley Hill said: "It was a joyous yet reflective occasion and I know it will live long in our memories as such a fitting tribute to the men and women who fought for our freedom on D-Day."

Boxford WI ladies put together a poppies displayBoxford WI ladies put together a poppies display (Image: Sue Moore)

The Boxford WI ladies worked hard to sow together hundreds of poppies, the traditional symbol to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice in times of war, to create a display on the memorial at St Mary’s Church.