A 42-year-old Colchester man who contacted his former partner in breach of a court order has been given a community order.

Naeem Siyal was banned from contacting the victim by a non-molestation order made in October 2021 but had breached the order by sending her multiple WhatsApp messages and leaving her voicemail messages, Ipswich Crown Court heard on Friday ( June 7).

Siyal had also attended the woman’s flat and had approached her in a street in Colchester and kissed her for a few seconds.

Siyal, of Maybury Walk, Colchester, admitted breaching a non-molestation order in 2021 and was given a 12 month community order, a 20 day rehabilitation activity requirement and 40 hours unpaid work.

He was also banned from contacting the victim for two years.

Sentencing Siyal Judge Nicola Talbot Hadley said most of the messages conveyed a sense of grief about the end of the couple's relationship.

The court heard Siyal had been living outside East Anglia for the last two years because of his bail conditions.