Suffolk's men's mental health has worsened over the past year, a charity's research shows.

The findings, published by Suffolk Mind as part of its Emotional Needs Audit, demonstrated that men's needs were worse met by 13% in 2023/24 in comparison to the year before.

Needs tied to community, meaning and purpose, as well as security, were revealed as the most lacking.

Ezra Hewing, head of education at Suffolk Mind, said: “Men’s mental health is a big issue, and being aware that small changes can make a big difference is key.

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“If someone is not meeting their physical and emotional needs for an extended period of time, this can lead to stress – which could progress to mental ill health.

“As we mark Men’s Health Week, it is important that men know that help is out there for them and to put their mental health first.”

The Emotional Needs Audit allows its participants to rate how well they believe their physical and emotional needs are being met.

An increase in work-related obstacles was reported by men, rising from 33pc to 39pc.

A 6% increase was also noted in men who reported their relationships as a barrier to fulfilling their needs - from 29% in 2022/23 to 35% in 2023/24.

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Mr Hewing added: “Some approaches to addressing mental health may not appeal to all men – they may prefer practical solutions rather than being told to open up about their feelings."

Highlighting that men express emotions differently and that some need support more than others, he emphasised the importance of communicating that support is readily available.

This research underscores the growing need for improved mental health resources and open conversations about men's wellbeing, encouraging a proactive approach towards mental health support, Suffolk Mind said.