Woodbridge Rotary Club has rallied nearby schools for a project sending vital aid to Ukrainian children caught in the throes of war.

In September 2023, Olena Zeleneska, the wife of the Ukrainian President, gave an interview revealing the disturbing effects of the ongoing Russian invasion on the nation's youth.

Her words sparked urgency among members of the Woodbridge Rotary Club, who were subsequently inspired to make a difference.

The club embarked on a project to dispatch boxes filled with stationery, toys and games to Ukraine, seeking assistance from nearby schools.

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Pupils from four primary schools - Kyson, Melton, St Mary’s, and Woodbridge - participated, amassing about 50 boxes in less than two weeks.

A retired primary head teacher from the club explained the dire situation to the children, rallying their support.

A letter to parents further underlined the cause, and the response was overwhelming.

Alongside the boxes, two large crates of additional items were collected.

Durable, lidded plastic boxes were utilised, ideal for holding personal keepsakes and easily portable during emergencies.

The club extended its appeal towards the town’s secondary schools, encouraging them to pool funds for mine warning signs, a crucial aid in preventing severe injuries caused by the deadly traps scattered across war zones.

An anonymous citizen contributed £500 to the cause, aiding refugees now residing within Woodbridge.

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Mrs Zelenska said: "Can we endure this? There is no other way out. We have no right to be tired. This is about our very survival."

The Woodbridge Rotary Club, along with the compassionate local community, has said it is determined to assist in the Ukrainians' struggle.