Police have warned that fans "abusive behaviour will not be tolerated" in Suffolk ahead of the "heightened emotion" Euro 2024 will bring.

Football tournaments have previously led to cases of violence and antisocial behaviour in Suffolk, police said.

Euro 2024 kicks off on Friday evening as Scotland take on hosts Germany, while England will play their first match against Serbia at 8pm on Sunday.

Police have also will be focusing on the roads for drivers under the influence of drugs and alcohol during the tournament and have urged people not to get behind the wheel if they are not in a fit state to do so.

They have also issued a plea to fans not to cause any damage regardless of whether England do well or not.

Assistant Chief Constable Eamonn Bridger, of Suffolk police, said: “These tournaments always bring heightened emotions, with great highs and hopefully not too many lows.

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"Regardless of the result, there’s no excuse for anti-social behaviour or the damaging of property.

"Equally, abusive behaviour will not be tolerated, whether in person or online. Most importantly, we don’t want people getting hurt and want everyone to get home safely.”

He added: “We’ve had some great moments in recent championships and there is often a great atmosphere watching these games, whether at home or at other venues.

"However, it is important everyone is allowed to enjoy the games and return home safely. Importantly that includes when on our roads."

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Inspector Gary Miller added: “We understand that lots of people will be out celebrating as a part of the month-long event, but this should never involve drink or drug driving.

“Your actions can have devastating consequences, not only for you but also those travelling around you. Do not be selfish and do not put yourself at risk.”

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Officers have been working with licenced premises ahead of the tournament to try to maintain safety, Suffolk police said.

Tim Passmore, Suffolk police and crime commissioner, said: “Watching any sport can be thirsty work and it is perfectly natural to want to enjoy a pint or two when watching the football.

Tim Passmore, Suffolk police and crime commissionerTim Passmore, Suffolk police and crime commissioner (Image: Newsquest)

“We don’t want to spoil the fun we just want to remind everyone to act responsibly – abusive and irresponsible behaviour is never acceptable."