A gelato cafe is expanding to open another store in a town on the Suffolk coast. 

Harris & James is a café selling coffee, chocolate, and gelato across Suffolk and in Norfolk.

Last year the Southwold cafe underwent a transformation to build an upstairs seating area and add pizza to the menu.

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The gelato shop is expanding to open a second store in Aldeburgh just down the road from the original shop in Southwold High Street. 

The owners said: "We are so excited to share the big news with you all, our Aldeburgh store is getting a sister. Just down the road we will be opening a second store after the success we have had in our original Aldeburgh shop.

"But do not fret, the original store that you know and love will also be staying open, we are just giving you the choice of which ship you would like to visit and hopefully will spread the queues."

The new shop will be opening in Crabbe Street on Friday, July 12.