Football pundit Simon Jordan says well run Ipswich Town need to be careful their fantastic season doesn't 'turn to dust'.

The table-topping Blues go into their final three games of the season - Hull (a), Coventry (a) and Huddersfield (h) - knowing that if they win them all then back-to-back automatic promotions into the Premier League will be secured.

Leicester City, Leeds United and Southampton - three clubs who all recently dropped from the Premier League - are all within touching distance as the finish line approaches though, with all four clubs having stumbled of late.

"They've not achieved anything yet in terms of getting out the division," said Jordan, when asked about Ipswich on the talkSPORT breakfast show.

"There are games that Leeds have and Leicester have that can change the picture if Ipswich don't do their job.

"But Ipswich have given themselves a wonderful opportunity, while Leeds and Leicester have done their very level best to try and avoid getting promoted automatically over the last few weeks."

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The former Crystal Palace owner continued: "What I do like about Ipswich is that there's an invested ownership model. Look at the way they produced their accounts in a way that everyone can understand. There's no mystique. Here's what profit and sustainability contains, here's what we take out and what that allows for adjustment.

"Everyone can read that and say, 'Oh, I understand how Ipswich comply with Financial Fair Play, how they're profitable, how they've got lots of head room because their accounts say one thing, but their profit and sustainability information that goes to the league says another'. I think that shows a forward thinking and effective organisation.

"Then you start recruiting people underneath that who have a similar mindset. If you've got people at the top that are motivated, invested, have good disciplines and have good thinking, then their thinking will land itself in their dugout and their dugout will think about it inside their playing squad and you'll have a healthy opportunity.

"Marcus Evans was a very successful man, and I knew Marcus quite well, but Ipswich didn't have a great time under him. They had plenty of money, but Ipswich didn't have a great time. Now they have new ownership that seems very invested in the way the football club is run.

"Now what you don't want it to do is turn to dust this season because what tends to happen often is that the team that gets eclipsed for the automatics finds themselves in a very difficult position in the play-off spots. Often the third team doesn't win the play-offs. So you've got to get the balance tight."

Martin O'Neill also had his say on Ipswich and the Championship promotion picture.

"What Kieran McKenna's done there has been remarkable," enthused the former Leicester, Celtic, Aston Villa and Republic of Ireland manager.

"We know how difficult getting out of the Championship is, it's a slog the whole way through.

"I know it's Ipswich, and they have a bit of history, but I would imagine if they had established themselves in the Championship this particular season everybody would have thought that would have been great. But they've been there from the get go and they have a chance of making automatic promotion, which would be magnificent for them."

He continued: "I'm surprised at Leicester. At one stage I think they were about 17 points clear. As recently as mid-February they looked an absolute certainty. But if they don't make automatic promotion then you're into a dogfight that you don't necessarily come out from as victors. That would be a real difficult one for them to take because of the lead that they had.

"Leeds United could be the same. That is a massively big club and that would be a major disappointment if they didn't get up.

"Both those clubs have advantages over Ipswich in the sense that they've got the parachute money."

Leicester have now lost three of their last five games - most recently at Millwall and Plymouth. 

"It's good that they managed a self fulfilling prophecy last Friday wasn't it?" quipped Jordan.

"They managed to create a narrative around themselves that they weren't happy about this game at Plymouth and then managed to go and lose it.

"Yes, okay, it isn't ideal (playing at Millwall and Plymouth in the space of four days), but maybe you should have stayed up in that part of the country and not travelled all the way back to Leicester to then travel on to Plymouth? Maybe the logistics weren't well thought through?

"But they went to Plymouth, a side who are fourth from bottom on the table, that's struggling, and they got beat.

"The language coming out of Leicester prior to that game was the manager talking about the adversity that Leicester were having to overcome. It was 'remember the players are human beings, they're under pressure' and they duly went out and lost."