Ipswich Town defender Cameron Burgess has been speaking about the special ingredients that went into the club's back-to-back promotions into the Premier League.

The 28-year-old has appeared on Australian sports podcast 'Backchat' while away on international duty.

“It’s a proper special team,” said the centre-back, who has just had his contract at Portman Road extended by another year.

“There’s a real good work ethic, everybody mucks in, there’s no shirking any responsibility, it’s real hard-working, which for football is quite unusual. Normally there’s always someone unhappy at not playing that maybe downs tools. 

“Whereas this team, we’re laser-focused, train hard every day, the demands are massive, not as many days off. It’s the perfect group.

“On the one hand, what we’ve done is pretty crazy, especially to get the sort of points tallies that we did, but on the other hand, you almost half had it in the back of your mind that we could do something special as well.”

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Regarding the promotion celebrations, he added: “The town was crazy, I didn’t know there were that many people in Ipswich, to be honest. You could not see the ground for bodies everywhere.

“Ipswich isn’t a big town, but there were 55,000 people at the bus parade. That was crazy. Fans were just going mental for days on end basically.

“And then we had the chance to go to Vegas with the team, which was cool. We did that last year, so I would say it’s becoming a little bit of a tradition.

“When you get promoted to a certain level, every team just looks to go to Vegas for some reason. It’s just a good trip out with the boys, enjoy the sunshine and just let loose for a couple of days.”

Burgess could win his ninth full cap when Australia host Palestine at HBF Park, Perth on Tuesday.