I know some may say I’m turning into a grumpy old man, and they of course may be perfectly correct but as I get older, I wish some things were like they were back in the day.

You know when we had respect for the law, respected our teachers and generally we were a lot politer society.

East Anglian Daily Times: Mark is having a Victor Meldrew momentMark is having a Victor Meldrew moment (Image: Newsquest)

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying everyone is disrespectful, but a lot of people are so selfish these days.

The police are trying to do the best job they can but the abuse they and other emergency services get is horrendous. Why is this happening? All there are trying to do is keep us safe and healthy. We now need security and police in our hospitals!

When I was at school, if teachers told my mum I was misbehaving, which I did a lot, she believed them. She took their side and boy did I know it! Nowadays teachers tell me in many cases parents take the side of their children and don’t believe the teachers. Again, where has that respect gone?

Another example, the other evening I went to watch a show at a local theatre.

East Anglian Daily Times: Why can't people just put their phones away and enjoy the show? says MarkWhy can't people just put their phones away and enjoy the show? says Mark (Image: Newsquest)

I settled down into my seat and the woman in front of me pulled out her mobile phone and began filming the show. Holding the phone up right in front of me, spoiling my view of the stage, totally oblivious to anyone around her.

She probably will never watch the video and I fully expect she’ll be doing it at the next show she goes to. Should I have said something? Probably, but I was too polite to cause a scene. I half expected someone from the theatre staff to stop it but no one did.

Do you remember when the only real annoyance was someone rustling a sweet wrapper!

East Anglian Daily Times: Mark finds some cyclists annoyingMark finds some cyclists annoying Don’t get me started on some motorists and cyclists, totally selfish, with no regard for others. This week I’ve seen three cyclists going through red lights without a care in the world.

Are they above the law? I’ve also seen several youngsters cycling to school in the dark with no lights on their bikes and dressed all in black! An accident waiting to happen. Motorists don’t bother fixing broken headlights and in towns block up junctions so traffic can’t keep moving; all because they don’t want to give way to someone else!

Why can’t big companies look after their existing customers? Loyalty is a thing of the past with many firms now more interested in new business instead of existing customers. Why aren’t we all on the best tariffs, why do we have to keep swapping and changing on comparison sites? Fine if you’ve got the know how and time but what if you haven’t? Have some respect for your customers. Do you remember if you had a problem you could go into town and talk to someone in the gas or electric showroom? Now if you can talk to someone they’re probably in India.

Please for future generations sake and our own, let's show some respect to each other, be nice and not be so selfish.

Yours, Victor Meldrew.